Retro Renegades

Gaming & Good Times Are Two Phrases That You Can  Use, To Sum Up, The Retro Renegades!


As founding members of the GamersUnitedGuild and strong supporters and leaders of the #SupportAndBeSupported movement, Retro Renegades are everything that personifies gaming entertainment.

With any topic on the table as well as entertaining members, it is never a dull moment in an episode of the Retro Renegades. Alongside with the phenomenal panel as well as beautiful graphics for the shows, the team is always welcoming guests to join in with the hilarity.

If that’s not enough of a picture for you, this is the best way to describe the renegades. From The Graphic God himself, the renegades are the Jackass of the gaming entertainment community!

We here at BG4GHUB are very proud to be fellow Guild members with the Renegades and look forward to future content from everyone involved.