Live Streaming…. What could possibly go wrong!

Here at BG4G we live to bring you everything gaming and if that means live streaming from game play to 1st impressions, or even making tits of ourselves just playing, waffling and general buffoonery then let it be so!

Check out, me, Maskedmayhemuk on the bg4ghub twitch steams every Thursday 19:00 BST. Along with the other stream team members like XboxJesus, who can turn playing with water in to achievements or xWarChicken525x the foul destroyer, as well as a variety of guests and appearances of other bg4g members, as we embark on game play of various genres!

We might even bring you a few first looks at games coming to a platform near you.

And if that doesn’t float your boat!

Then we also have the amazing Betterman77 Mondays, Fridays and Sundays

So sit back and watch here on the site directly or click the plethora of links we have to guide you effortlessly to our streams



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Come join the live streaming fun with BG4GHUB or Betterman77


Excessive consumption of these streams may cause the following to the viewer and the participating streamer!

  • Delusions of invincibility
  • Loss of dignity or balance
  • Imagined gains in height, fitness or sexual prowess
  • Inability to correctly judge sexual appeal of yourself or others

Viewer discretion is advised.