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Founder and Owner of bg4ghub. Small YouTuber, intro creator and passionate about all things creative and gaming.

Adam Bomb
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Adam is a retro gamer at heart and a lover of all platforms. You can find him posting news, writing reviews, and feature articles for Bg4ghub. He grew up in the 80s gaming on his Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, PC, NES, and Sega Genesis. He also has a great appreciation for indie titles and the industry as a whole. On top of his hobby of gaming, he has a slight addiction to cake, hamburgers, horror movies, and books.

Mark Linton
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Thom Wilde

Content Creator & PR Representative

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Thom is one of the co-founders for BG4GHub Ltd and is always looking to help visitors and new members to find their feet within BG4G. A lover of games no matter the platform, also a hater of console fanboys. Thom shall be providing reviews, featured articles and news items.

UK Dazarus
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Jamie writes about indie games and chats to developers about their upcoming titles. He'd love to buy all the retro consoles he had growing up; Amiga, SNES, N64, PS1, Dreamcast; but his wife would kill him, plus she needs the money to fill the house with more plants - you can never have enough plants, apparently. He games on his PS5, Switch and laptop, loving a good story above everything else. Indulges in shooters when he wants a quick gaming fix. Also loves sushi, star wars, and sci-fi/fantasy books.

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My name is Game(R)-Views. I am just your average gamer. My passions include taking slow walks on the beach, kayaking, working out, and oh yea talking about my passion of gaming. For those of you who would like to know, I am the Nintendo fan boy. Nintendo wants to drop another Mario, Zelda, or Kirby? Sign me up!! So, if you see any Nintendo reviews up, 99% of the time they’ll be from me. I also enjoy playing PlayStation and PC, sorry Xbox but you're left out

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Stubz Gaming
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Stubzgaming is a content creator whose main focus is podcasting, Stubz runs 3 podcasts! 1, The stubzcast the content creator hub podcast- Where stubz interviews content creators about their journey into content creation exploring many avenues, you wouldn't always hear normally from the content creator & hopefully people learn from the interviews. 2. Community spotlight podcast is a podcast base for a conversation with beloved members that are part of the gaming community but not necessarily deemed a content creator. 3.Midweek gaming is a weekly Wednesday night gaming show with co-hosts Mr tushi, Removeable sanity, View point gaming, Cerebral Paul & animated evil with select guests at times, we talk mainly gaming related subjects.

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Multiplatform owner and gamer. I'm a podcaster on multiple shows and a content creator. I enjoy creating engaging factual based content sprinkled with a respectable amount of personal opinion. I'm critical when I need to be but I keep it professional and un-toxic. I strive to let everyone know its ok to have a platform of choice with no need to tear down someone else's preference. At the end of the day, we all play games and should be able to share those experiences with others. Positive change starts with us, so let's play united and game hard together.

Jeepers Reviews
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Lewis/Lew 23 Slytherin ❤️💚Writer @RapidReviewsUK and @BG4GHUB Gamer at 💚💙❤️Streamer on Twitch, Little brother of an Angel RIP Darren/Dazza